Ant Control
Expert Ant Control in Boston Area!

The right knowledge, training, customer service and experience is what enables Mayflower Pest Control to recognize and carry out the most effective ant control in the Boston and Boston Metro areas. For those who are in need of ant control in eastern Massachusetts, please give us a call to set up a day to Discuss your issues.

Our Services Include:

Free In-Home or Commercial Estimates
State Licensed Techs
 Termite monitoring
Senior Citizen Discounts- Veterans Discounts
Open Saturdays and Sundays if needed
Prices Quoted Over the Phone
Service Program Designed to Fit Your Needs
Rodent Demo Reports
IPM programs, Organic and green programs

Wasps and Hornets

Wasps and Hornets are a big problem to most people, some are allergic and some people are afraid. we at Mayflower Pest Control have many ways to dispose of Wasp or Hornets nests. We can come same day on most occasions and eliminate the problem fast and easy. We also can offer a preventative program, we would pre-treat all areas where nests are normally found on a home and in areas of the yard. While this is not a 100% way of preventing nests. It is a proactive opposed to reactive approach. Wouldn't you rather do a preventative spray rather than have someone stung who is allergic?  Me too!

We Will Make Your Pests History


Rodent Control

Controlling rodents is a pain to some people, it can become a real nightmare. We at Mayflower pest control know this and use our expert knowledge to get rid of your problem in a timely manner. Using the latest technology we will put you mind at ease by using a proactive approach. We will seal any holes we find on the exterior and limit the rodents point of entry.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are a very big problem in today's everyday life. Years ago you would see a few cases a month maybe a year. Now most pest companies see multiple calls per week. The problem is getting worse and we at Mayflower Pest Control take a different approach that other companies, here is the reason why. A great portion of chemicals used by most pest companies are what are called residual effect pesticides, meaning most of the work done by them after after the product has dried. What happens is the insect crosses the dried area treated by your pest control guy and it gets on their legs or body. Now 2 things happen at that point. 1, the insect stops like 99% do and cleans their legs. When that occurs they digest the chemical and they die. Or 2, they go back to their nest and it rubs off on other insects in the nest and you get what is called Parallel contamination killing the nest. Problem with Bed bugs is, they are one of the only insects that don't clean themselves like other insects. Leaving the residual effect pesticides useless more or less. The 2 Methods Mayflower believes and knows works due to testing over years is Heat treatment, which is highly effective yet very expensive.and the method which is a good balance between cost effective and a tried and tested way of killing the Bed bugs is Fogging, Fogging will seep into crack and "choke" the Bedbugs and stays airborne long enough to kill even the deepest hidden ones and also the eggs. The owner has used this method for years and has had great success. Also, it is a much cheaper alternative to Heat treating